About Us

RevisionPrep is a gamified online social learning tool that offers an alternative to traditional exam preparation in Ghanaian Junior High Schools for the national Basic Education Certificate Examination (B.E.C.E.).  Every ninth grade student in Junior High School seeking admission to public Senior High Schools in Ghana is required to take the B.E.C.E. Based on performance on the exam, students are placed into specific high schools in the country. Only students applying solely to international high schools are exempt from taking this exam.

RevisionPrep aims to tackle the issue of low B.E.C.E. pass rates. A major contributor to the problem is the lack of quality test preparation material to supplement the efforts of the teacher in the classroom. Current test preparation materials lack detailed feedback. Current exam prep tools have overlooked the importance of providing detailed feedback to students during practice. Whether a student answers a practice question correctly or incorrectly, he or she needs detailed explanations to introduce or re-enforce the concept behind which the question is based.
RevisionPrep will also enable students study more effectively and interactively for the B.E.C.E. RevisionPrep provides timed practice tests and questions for all B.E.C.E. subjects on a web and mobile application platform. The practice exam questions are sourced from the B.E.C.E. archives and the detailed explanations are given by a group of experienced instructors at the Junior High School level. With these explanations provided by RevisionPrep, not only are students taking a practice test, but they are also being taught the conceptual basis behind the correct answer to every question.

This service aims to give each user a comprehensive B.E.C.E. preparation experience by the following two-stage strategy
  • Ensuring conceptual understanding of exam material.
  • Teaching students to effectively apply the understood concepts through practice and feedback.