Why choose RevisionPrep?

RevisionPrep is an interactive online BECE preparation tool that aims to revolutionize study methods used in your Junior High School to give you the competitive advantage you need to excel in the BECE and be placed in the SHS of your choice.

We provide about 10,000 practice questions with detailed answers and explanations by partnering with experienced and accomplished JHS teachers.


How do I register/subscribe?

To register, all you need is your existing email address, your phone number and your parent’s email address. Just click “Sign up” in the top right corner of the page and fill in the blank spaces. After that, you are all set!


How does RevisionPrep help me?

Have you ever studied with a BECE past exams textbook without fully understanding the concepts behind which the questions and answers are based? Yes, we have as well and that is why we are working hard to provide this service. RevisionPrep will solve your problem by providing detailed explanations to all answers to questions (Objective and Subjective) whether you answer a question rightly or wrongly.

Also, our online platform, with our progress tracker, keeps records of your completed tests and enables you to quantify your improvements and progress. With our personalized feedback system, you can easily identify your strengths and weaknesses in different subject areas.


What is the difference between the Free Practice and the questions on the website? 

The Free Practice section is to have new and potential users get a feel of what services the website offers. We encourage you to Register and then have access to thousands more of those questions to help you prepare better for your exams! 


Am I guaranteed Grade 1 on all BECE subjects?

RevisionPrep gives you a competitive advantage but does not guarantee perfect grades. Our role is by providing with the best quality BECE preparation material. Your end of the deal will be to take advantage all RevisionPrep has to offer. We wish you all the best!


Can I use RevisionPrep on my mobile phone?

Yes, the RevisionPrep website (revisionprep.com) will have the functionality to work on mobile phones as well. Our mobile apps for Apple and Android users will also be coming out soon!


Is RevisionPrep run by WAEC?

No, RevisionPrep is a separate entity.